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The very famous game Aviator

One of the most famous games at RajBet is the much-loved Aviator made by the very experienced and talented developers at Spribe. A game that is very popular. As it is made by Spribe, you know for sure that it will be quality entertainment. This combined with the huge winning chances then contributes to a good and highly appreciated game right through.

RajBet along with Spribe thoroughly protects themselves, and all users, against any kind of cheating. They do not accept any type of credit card fraud or other forms of fraud. All kind of information is therefore is carefully encrypted. All payments go through a 100 filter system which makes it impossible for hackers or similar to steal users' payments and private information.

Play Aviator demo or real money

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Aviator game reviews


I'm not a professional gambler, but I sometimes visit online casinos. In the game, Aviator managed to raise the amount by 50 or more times.


I have recently become familiar with the game Aviator. For the first time, a deposit of 10$ got 450$. Withdrawing the money was no problem.

Lil B.

I chose the game Aviator and that was one of the best choices in my life. The payout in it is on a high level. I play on licensed sites. Winnings are frequent. No problems with withdrawals.


I recently heard about Aviator. I am satisfied with the game. Winnings are frequent. Withdrawal of money is in online casinos instantaneous.

Jain K.

I play the game Aviator at popular casinos. Started with the demo, then I switched to real bets. The game is very exciting. Although I play rarely, but a stable and large profit has.


I have tried various slot machines in online casinos. In Aviator I played recently. I started with 20$ and raised 3500$. I also got half of them and continue my lucky holidays.


I decided to leave a review of the game Aviator because I am very satisfied with it. She surprised me with the first bet. Raised the bet amount 20 times.


Recently I played for the first time the game Aviator on the advice of a friend. I didn't expect much from it, but I was surprised by the first win of 200$ after 15 minutes of playing the game.


I'm a professional casino player, so it's hard to surprise me. But the Spribe Aviator managed to do it. The probability of winning here is high. From the starting amount, I raise x50 to x100.

S. Ramesh

The first two bets of 3$ lost. The third time I risked betting 5$ and raised the amount 40 times. I have not had any problems with the withdrawal.

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